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Slaw: Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders is a bizarre yet fascinating interactive construction with 100 tracks (one virtual) on one CD, each track linked to the appropriate square on the well-known board game. The game board represents the individual’s psychic growth pattern, either climbing a ladder toward perfect mental balance or sliding down a snake’s gullet toward the abyss of base animal instincts. Roll the dice, move your mice, and program your CD player to follow and support your halting progress as you slink rat-like through the ever-shifting topography of life’s maze toward the smelly cheese of enlightenment.

Slaw’s music is scientifically designed to provide listeners with a wholesome personal growth experience, and has been rigorously tested at solo slumber parties and dubious self-help retreats nationwide.

Slaw is Heather Perkins and Tim Walters.

“This might be the strangest demo yet – good strange, that is.… More than just clever presenters, Walters and Perkins are also expert sound manglers. This is truly a must-hear-to-appreciate piece of work.” —Keyboard

“I guarantee you’ve never heard anything like Slaw and never will.” —Jim Santo’s Demo Universe