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Music by Tim Walters and friends

Current projects

Annual Christmas foolery going back to 1993
Mangling the public domain for fun and profit
Post-prog art-pop nerd-jazz
Kaleidescopic, constantly evolving electronica
Old-fashioned computer music

Older projects

Chitinous clamor
Morbid British folk music
Regressive music from the early Nineties
Pungent technopop
Clear skies and no tomorrow
Music for the back of your eyelids
Quirky punk hoedown
Experimental popular children's music for adults
Brash, dissonant avant-prog

Friends' projects

Washington, D.C. singer-songwriter and legend
Subtly detailed electronic music
Undeservedly obscure indie-rock from 1980s D.C.
Moody post-rock from the predecessors of Thee More Shallows