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About Tim Walters and the Doubtful Palace

Tim Walters is a sonic and visual artist. Over the last couple of decades, he has bleeped and blooped with Usufruct, Circular Firing Squad and Slaw, researched artificial stupidity with Shalmaneser, and played electric dulcimer and bass guitar with Pledge Drive and Reconnaissance Fly. He has released several solo albums of electroacoustic music, most recently Stricture and Shatter in Place. He hopes someday to be a real live boy.

Tim started the Doubtful Palace as his Web 1.0 publishing space back in 2001, featuring not just his own music but that of a few friends. In 2021 he updated it for the era of Bandcamp and all that, and added something suspiciously resembling a blog. Call it Web 1.5. The name is taken from James Branch Cabell’s 1921 fantasy novel Figures of Earth, in which the Doubtful Palace is the source of dreams.