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New album released by Shalmaneser: Vierhebigkeit

Vierhebigkeit (Tim Walters’ fifth album as Shalmaneser) is a fresh and friendly mixture of simple melodies and modular synth timbres—rainy-day activity music for your inner robot child. Vierhebigkeit captures the spirit of early electronic pop music while inventing a distinctive twenty-first century style. Believe in the bear, and the bear will believe in you.

Available right now on Aural Films! CDs are also available, for all you antiquarians; drop me a line.

New Shalmaneser video: With Prune and With Prism

Andrew Juris has made a very cool video for the Shalmaneser track “With Prune and With Prism”, from the forthcoming album Vierhebigkeit. Check it out!

New album released by Tim Walters: Stricture

This is my first electroacoustic album created with Eurorack synthesis, after working almost entirely with SuperCollider since the early aughts. I think it still sounds pretty much like me, which might be an object lesson against mid-life crisis I’ve-always-wanted-one-of-those shopping. I can’t deny that twiddling the knobs has been fun, though, and it’s a really good fit with the melodic Shalmaneser identity.

Aaaaanyway, I think I’m supposed to be giving you the skinny about Stricture, to wit, it’s available right now on Bandcamp from VauxFlores's Industrial imprint. VF also make this very nifty item, which can be heard all over the album.

I have a few CDs available as well—hit me up.

Welcome to the recent past

As you may have noticed, the DP has been redesigned. I’ve tried to avoid whiz-bangery, but I’ve gathered up a lot of work that was previously flung far and wide, and added an RSS feed, so that you need never lack for news. I might even try to write a post once in a while. We’ll see.