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Snakes & Ladders is a bizarre yet fascinating interactive construction with 100 tracks (one virtual) on one CD, each track linked to the appropriate square on the well-known Snakes & Ladders board game. The game board represents the individual's psychic growth pattern, either climbing a ladder toward perfect mental balance or sliding down a snake's gullet toward the abyss of base animal instincts. Roll the dice, move your mice, and program your CD player to follow and support your halting progress as you slink rat-like through the ever-shifting topography of life's maze toward the smelly cheese of enlightenment.

Slaw's music is scientifically designed to provide listeners with a wholesome personal growth experience, and has been rigorously tested at solo slumber parties and dubious self-help retreats nationwide.

Slaw is Heather Perkins and Tim Walters.

“This might be the strangest demo yet – good strange, that is.… More than just clever presenters, Walters and Perkins are also expert sound manglers. This is truly a must-hear-to-appreciate piece of work.” —Keyboard

“I guarantee you've never heard anything like Slaw and never will.” —Jim Santo's Demo Universe

1. God Told Me to Eat Your Furniture 2. A Passing Phase 3. Turtles All the Way Down 4. Byte Me 5. Events in Hilbert Space 6. Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts 7. Spelled the Way it Sounds 8. The Emperor's New Nose 9. Wash and Wear
50. Extend and Rotate 51. House Absolute 52. Wiggle 53. This One's for the Quiet-Your-Dog Man 54. Argument Machine 55. Abernathy 56. Insects Inherit the Earth
72. A Kiss is Still a Kiss 73. Astroturf 74. Fear Take Flight 75. Jabberwocky 76. Santa Cow 77. Axle Grease 78. On Top of Old Smokey
Did you know that the maximum number of tracks you can have on a CD is 99? You win, take a bow!