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Pledge Drive

Pledge Drive is pleased to announce the release of its first CD, I Gave At The Office. With one foot planted in the Appalachian and British Isles folk tradition, another ankle-deep in quirky, angular pop, and yet a third dabbling its toes in punk snarl, this tripedal beast is ready to take on all comers. Add unique, hypercollectible transparent packaging, tasty instrumental flourishes from harpsichordist Meg Cotner and trumpeter Tom Dambly, and a cameo vocal by Game Theory/Loud Family frontman Scott Miller, and you have an unstoppable musical juggernaut. Get I Gave At The Office before it gets you! Personnel (except as noted): David Hearst (guitar, voice); Rebecca Marculescu (voice); Chris Now (organ, piano); Steve Rosenthal (drums, voice); Michael VanLandingham (bass, voice); Tim Walters (electric dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, recorder, voice).

“Idiosyncratic with a capital ‘I’, Pledge Drive attempts to meld the brainy pop of They Might Be Giants with the Celtic trad-rock of Steeleye Span and the Strawbs – and, astonishingly, pulls it off.… wonderfully original work.” Jim Santo's Demo Universe

That song you remember from grade school. “#1 Female Vocal of All Time” on!
Loud (like a commercial) fast (like food) rules.
One of those 18th-century English drinking songs that inexplicably feature lyrics that are hard enough to remember when sober. All the boyz take turns dropping natural philosophy. Tom Dambly's trumpeting adds that Hawaii Five-O touch.
Everything in this song is true, even the part about the hose clamp.
An Irish waltz? An Irish waltz. The title means “little hill, big hill” and, we're told, refers to the burial mounds of two warring tribes of fairy folk.
One great thing about the folk tradition is the vast number of songs about crows eating human flesh. This is the American children's version.