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Phosphene Grid

Jim Combs and Tim Walters first met and performed together (with James Lacey) as Phosphene Grid at the 2004 Different Skies electronic music festival, where they combined mime, live mangled samples from SuperCollider, and atmospheric synth washes into a song called Divine Wind. Now they team up transcontinentally to bring you music for the inside of your eyelids. Don't push too hard – you wanna go blind?

Cool, jazzy, and down-tempo. Like a Paris sidewalk seen through the window of a martini, extra dry and dirty.

“Dogleech Marat, now for-seen as Simon Stylites, we already know; him and others, raised aloft. The mere sample, these, of what is coming, of what continues coming, upwards from the realm of Night! – Chaumette, by and by Anaxagoras Chaumette, one already descries: mellifluous in street-groups; not now a sea-boy on the high and giddy mast: a mellifluous tribune of the common people, with long curling locks, on bourne-stone of the thoroughfares; able sub-editor too; who shall rise – to the very gallows.” —Thomas Carlyle