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What is Mercaptan? Natural gas in its native state is colorless and odorless. Mercaptan is the additive that is added to natural gas to make it easier to detect in case of a leak. The most important thing to know about mercaptan is that it stinks. Some people compare it to the smell of rotten eggs. In concentrated form, its smell is almost unbearable.
Tim and Scott McKnight did this for a dB's tribute CD. The original version was released on a collection of dB's demos called Ride The Wild Tom-Tom. Apparently our version was only included on the tribute CD in the first run of discs as a bonus MP3 file, and left off subsequent runs. Oh well, we like it anyway. Scott McKnight: guitar, bass, tambourine, voice, remiclud, chopsticks. Tim Walters: synthesizer, recorder, dulcimer, goat drum, voice. “Seedy” Rahm: drums.
An ambivalent song about ambivalence. I think. Don't quote me. Sung by Megan Lynch.
Oh, the humanity. Scott McKnight: guitar and co-writing. Tim Walters: other instruments and co-writing.
An inflammation of wishful thinking.