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Hyaa! were arguably the finest indie-rock band to come out of Washington, D.C. in the Eighties. Alice Despard's smoky voice and unusual guitar style (full of drones and alternate tunings) gave the band a lush, exotic sound not usually associated with the genre, while Les Doerfler's bass and Alex Deseabra's drums provided a solid foundation. Their 1987 album Get Your Hyaa-Hyaa's Out! (the title was meant as a pronunciation aid), produced by Mitch Easter, has never been reissued on CD. We're very pleased to present a couple of tracks from this lost classic. We also have a track from their earlier self-titled EP, featuring original drummer John Moremen, who has gone on to make indie-pop records both solo and with the Orange Peels.
The opening track from Get Your Hyaa-Hyaa's Out!
Another track from Get Your Hyaa-Hyaa's Out!
From the self-titled EP.